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How The Herpes Virus is Spread

Get the true picture so that you can avoid getting infected

In the US, the most widespread sexual disease is herpes. The herpes
virus which is HVS type 1 and 2 can be transmitted through sexual
contact with the person who is infected by this certain kind of virus.
Both of the viruses are easy to spread and they have parallel signs
such as sores, lesions and rashes on the affected area which is either
in the mouth area or genital parts of the herpes patient. Statistics
show that 9 out of 10 Americans are infected with herpes virus and
most of them have already experienced the extreme outbreak of the
disease at one point in their life.

The most widespread form of herpes is oral herpes or cold sores which
are not always contracted through sexual intercourse. But on the other
hand there is clear evidence that more than 31 million of American
population is infected with the herpes virus. The herpes can be spread
through vaginal or anal sex with a person who is the carrier of the
virus. Each year, the number of the Americans diagnosed with herpes is
more than 500,000. Most of these patients are unaware that they are
infected because the symptoms and signs of herpes are barely

Both kinds of herpes can spread through direct physical contact such
as touching, necking and the most common is sexual intercourse, it may
be through anal, oral or vaginal contact. Herpes can spread quickly
and reproduce its virus in damp areas of the body of the infected
person such as the mouth, anus, vagina, and even throat. These are the
areas that are easily affected and where the herpes can spread very

Herpes can spread in the open skin as well, especially if you
have sores, wounds or burned in your skin. Aside from the fact that
herpes can be spread from one person to another, herpes spreads as
well from one part of the body to the other. Say for example, if
someone has mouth sores, and performed oral sex the herpes can spread
in the genital parts of another person. Herpes can be spread if the
sores are open and wet; however, it is not probable that the herpes
can be spread through the use of toilet bowl, swimming pools or even

On the other hand though, a mother who is infected with the herpes can
spread and pass the disease to her baby; it may be throughout or
following the birth of the child.

If you are infected and you do not want the herpes to spread to other
person, it is important that you understand and know the common signs
and symptoms of the herpes. Oral herpes can be spread through kissing
or coital interaction with the infected person. Even if you are
exposed to the virus for a very short period of time, there is a huge
probability that herpes can spread to you.

Other obvious manifestations of the herpes outbreak are the burning
and tingling feeling in the genital area that is affected by the
herpes virus. When you experienced this, it is best to see your doctor
so you can control the herpes to spread.


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