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Kinds of Viruses that Causes Herpes Proliferation
What Causes Herpes...

One factor that makes for the herpes virus hard to detect is the absence of its signs and symptoms. Even if you are already infected with it, you won’t be able to know if you have it until some of the obvious and irritating signs appears such as itching and tingling sensation that you may feel in the affected area such as the mouth, vagina, anus and even some parts of your thighs. One of the factors that causes herpes virus to become active is the early exposure of a person to sexual activities. Promiscuity, having sex with numerous partners and a record of past health problems that are associated with any kinds of sexually transmitted diseases are the most common causes of herpes.

A patient will know if an outbreak will happen if they experience burning pain and itching in the part of the body where sores and blisters will develop; this stage is called prodrome which could be experienced from few hours up to two days. Severe form of Herpes causes for the infected area to feel extreme pain up to the buttocks and this circumstance can happen over and over again if the causes of the herpes are not medicated right away.

One of the causes of primary genital herpes is when a person who is infected with the virus made a physical contact with you who are not infected. The initial warning signs commonly appear in two days to one week after you have made contact with the carrier of herpes virus. It is reported that the symptoms of the primary genital herpes are more severe compared to those continuing infections. 7 out of 10 patients reported that they experienced a kind of pain that affected their entire body; it includes fatigue, headache, and muscle pains; inability to eat solid foods due to fever, and painful and inflamed groin are also the symptoms of the primary genital herpes.

Herpes causes some kind of sores and blisters to build up, some of these can be severe and they are full of excretion that are covered by the coating of the skin which may take for at least 3 weeks to heal. Herpes virus also causes for the blisters that are full of fluid to burst open which consequently produce agonizing ulcers. Herpes also causes the vagina and cervix to excrete diluted discharge; urination also becomes painful and hard to do because of the presence of herpes wounds.

It is a known fact that one of the causes of herpes is the HSV type 1 and 2; however, this circumstance alone should not be blamed for the attacks and outbreaks of the herpes virus. Extreme physical stress, illness, too much sex activities, health surgery and, monthly menstrual cycle and poor diet are other causes of herpes virus proliferation as well.

One of the causes of herpes in the labia of the women and some parts of its genital is the presence of the virus herpes simplex - a kind of virus that may be transmitted to unborn baby during or after the delivery. Another cause of herpes is the virus herpes to zoster which is equally infectious and can easily be transmitted by one person to another.


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