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Diet That Will Help Control Herpes Efficiently
Learn how to use food to treat herpes

No matter what kind of disease you are suffering from, it is very important that you handle it very carefully through the help of the best herpes diet and nutritious food. Eating the appropriate food for a certain kind of disease is one of the factors that will absolutely to control it. In terms of herpes - an infection in the genital area caused by HSV type 2, there is a list of foods that are good and bad for it. However, it is proven that a huge amount of extra vitamin intake will definitely help the patient to deal more effectively with the disease.

Herpes can be very irritating, embarrassing and at times can impede your personal relationship. This is due to the fact that the herpes virus creates lesions in the genital area of the patient which can be painful when there is a coital intercourse. It is important to know the fact that it can be transferred through sexual intercourse which has caused some people to talk about it very uncomfortably to their partner in fear that they would walk away from them once they know that the person they are dating or espouse has herpes.

One sad part about herpes virus is that, once you got it, it will stay in your system for the rest of your life. However, you should not feel despair because there are so many ways that can help you to keep it under control; one of these is through proper administration and intake of herpes diet. Yes, this is a diet that is specifically designed for the herpes patients. Vitamins that strengthen the immune system are also encouraged to take together with the herpes diet for effective control of the virus that causes the flare up of the herpes disease.

One of the basic groups of foods that a herpes patient should take is the diets that are rich in lysine - an amino acid which is commonly found in most protein foods that are necessary for optimal growth. Lysine is produced through oral intake of additional vitamins and a certain kind of herpes diet. Lysine can easily be found in so many common foods like the meat, fish, yoghurt, fish, and cheese and many more. Lysine plays a very vital role in restoring the damaged muscle tissues, recuperating from surgery or wound; it also helps absorb calcium very effectively which is good for the formation of strong bones.

Another important thing that you have to remember about the herpes diet is the kinds of the foods that are restricted so to avoid an outbreak of the virus. Research shows that foods that are rich in arginine - an amino acid that triggers and exacerbates a herpes outbreak, should be avoided at all times. Foods that contain arginine amino acid are chocolates, nuts, Soya beans, coconuts and oats, just to name a few. If you really can’t avoid some foods that contain arginine, the best thing that you should do is to limit the intake and that the amount of the lysine enriched-food should be greater than the arginine.



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