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How Herpes Is Being Transmitted
Your Burning Questions on Herpes Transmission Answered

Herpes transmission is possible through skin to skin direct contact.
It simply means that a person can have herpes if he or she had a
direct contact to a particular HSV infected person. The spread of
herpes is much easier with the presence of sores. Itching is the first
signs and symptoms of herpes most of the time. The other signs are red
bumps and sores. And these signs happen before the major herpes
symptoms can be felt. The first symptoms are commonly known as the
prodromes. The prodromal symptoms serve as warnings for the possible
presence of skin viruses.

Herpes transmission can be widely spread by kissing someone while
having a cold sore. The virus is then transferred to the body part
which has been kissed. Also, having anal or vaginal contacts while
having active genital herpes is another way of transmitting herpes.
Furthermore, another possible means of spreading the herpes virus is
through putting the mouth on the genitals of the partner while having
a cold sore. And worst, pregnant women can transfer the virus through
their baby. Thus, even babies who are very innocent about what is
actually happening on earth can have herpes as a disease since birth.

Furthermore, a contagious herpes disease can be transmitted even
without the symptoms visibility. When there is no presence of herpes
signs and symptoms, the outbreaks are the most common means of
spreading the herpes viruses. This type of herpes transmission is
known as asymptomatic transmission.

The infections caused by herpes are often transmitted without the
knowledge of the infected person. It is because the signs and symptoms
of herpes can be so mild that it is hard to be noticed. The
asymptomatic shedders of the HS virus are responsible for the
spreading of herpes infections.

Moreover, complications are also possible with herpes. One very
evident complication is the transmission of the HS virus from the
outbreak’s location to other locations in the body. It is possible
through the touching of itchy sores. In this way, other areas of the
body can also be affected. These possible areas are the eyes and

This complication is known as self- infection. However, this
can be prevented by trying not to touch the areas which have
outbreaks. If a particular person has accidentally touched the
outbreak areas, it is advisable for him or her to wash his or her
hands with soap because the water as well as the soap can easily kill
the virus inclined with herpes.


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