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Various Stages of Herpes
Learn what stage you are at can make a difference in choosing the right treatment

Herpes is a contagious sexually transmitted disease (STD) which is caused by the two most common viruses namely, HSV-1 and HSV-2. As a matter of fact, there are various stages of herpes. And it is very important to know these stages to immediately stop the spreading of the herpes virus.

The redness in the infected area belongs to the early stages of herpes. Also, along with this redness is the itchy and painful feeling on the said area. And worst, this redness sometimes results to the swelling of the infected area. However, most of the time, the swelling is just mild and thus it cannot be easily noticed. There are also times that swellings are severe which cause harsh pains.

The awareness on the signs and symptoms of the first outbreaks is a must to treat immediately the outbreaks. It is undeniable that the signs of being a herpes carrier can hardly be noticed and thus results to more and recurrent outbreaks. However, if a particular outbreak has been staying already too long on the body system, it can just be healed as time passes by. Furthermore, early treatments of the outbreaks can surely reduce the future excruciating outbreaks.

Signs And Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of herpes become evident usually after the early stages of the said contagious disease. Therefore, the outbreaks can then become red bumps. These bumps do easily grow leaving the infected area with blisters which are usually filled with fluids. The fluids are most of the time reddish or whitish in color. The blisters can be just a big one or worst, a series of small blisters.

After the growing of blisters is the possible ulcer development as well as the oozing of the fluids in the blisters. Most of the time, the infected area seems to be just a cut but a very painful one. It is during this stage that the infected area of the skin becomes very sensitive to physical touches. Thus, it is also in this stage that blister becomes severely hurtful and distressing. However, using creams or ointments are the best means to deal with the pain that is being felt due to blisters. Other alternatives like the aloe veras can also be used to lessen the pain caused by the horrible blisters.

Finally, when the time comes that the blisters are done opening, the healing process then begins. It is during this stage that the blisters completely dry out because the fluids were already flushed out. Along with the dryness is the development of scabs. And through these scabs, the skin regeneration is possible. This is important to cover up the infected area or the area where outbreak has grown. As a matter of fact, the healing process can only be completed if the scabs have fully fallen off.

The aforementioned stages of herpes are only apparent to simple outbreaks of herpes. Indeed, it is really important to have some knowledge on the basic stages of herpes to fully understand and identify the causes of herpes as well as its possible treatments.


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